True Tales Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, 3 CDs


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This has been among Diana’s most popular recordings!

True Tales Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, 3 CDs
By Diana Waring

Presented in a story teller’s enthusiastic manner, these accounts of people and events are supplemental to the material heard in Part One WHAT IN THE WORLD’S GOING ON HERE?. This combined collection spans the time from the Genesis account of creation through the development of other ancient cultures to the recent archeological discoveries that cast light back on these times. The 3-CD set contains short vignettes of history, short biographies of fascinating people, and short descriptions of incredible events all told in Diana’s internationally renowned, enthusiastic and captivating style.

Together, you will:

  • RACE through the narrow byways of antiquity, digging through stories to uncover history’s remarkable heroes and their amazing adventures.
  • MEET relentless archaeologists who overcame failure, derision and war to unearth empires their critics considered only myths.
  • WITNESS surprising discoveries of Biblical civilizations forgotten by science until the last century.
  • ENCOUNTER the hand of God reaching toward people of all nations to save them from captivity and destruction.

Topics include:

  • the amazing proofs for a young earth.
  • vivid realities about “early man”.
  • the significance of the Table of Nations.
  • Indiana Jones-style adventures for the discoveries of Ninevah, Ur and Troy.
  • the mysteries of the Rosetta Stone unraveled.
  • an interview with international researcher/Bible adventurer Bob Cornuke, whose exciting adventures searching for Mt. Sinai have been profiled on television and in several books.
  • the Seven Wonders of the World (short version).
  • the incredible discovery of the ancient Hittite civilization (new research, new recording for this CD set).
  • the Biblical prophecies concerning Jesus fulfilled
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