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The Prairie Primer

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Historical Time Table

A companion to Cadron Creek's Prairie Primer

Historical Timetable
Spanning Covered Wagons Days to the Space Age
By Jane Williams

This timetable lists the events in the life of Laura and her family along with the others events of the time. We used ours frequently in building our own timeline. Well worth the price!



  • February 1, 1860 Charles (24) and Caroline (21) married
  • Lincoln elected President


  • Rose quits writing because she refuses to pay income taxes to support New Deal programs
  • International Monetary Fund & World Bank created

Laura Ingalls Wilder Country

The Little House Cookbook

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Get Cadron Creek’s award-winning Prairie Primer and other important resources!

Our best value and a great way to learn!
Save on The Prairie PrimerHistorical Time TableLaura Ingalls Wilder Country, andThe Little House Cookbook (paperback). Sold separately, these sell for almost $90!

This Pack includes:

The Prairie Primer
Based on the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Prairie Primeropens a door to the 1800’s world of the homesteader on the American frontier. Discover that Pa and Caroline were married in the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Understand why men moved their families to the frontier. Learn how common diseases of the day had life-changing effects on even the isolated homes of the prairie. See how the U.S. government’s Indian policies affected homesteaders. Price when sold separately: $50.00

Historical Timetable
This timetable lists the events in the life of Laura and her family along with the others events of the time. We used ours frequently in building our own timeline. Well worth the price! Price when sold separately: $2.00

Laura Ingalls Wilder Country
William Anderson takes us on an enchanting tour through the inspiration for Laura Ingalls Wilder’s stories—the life of her pioneering family. His detailed narrative is interspersed with family portraits and numerous photographs—pictures of special treasures such as Pa’s fiddle and the family Bible and of each of the actual areas where Laura lived. Reading this book is like visiting the sites described in person! Price when sold separately: $24.95

The Little House Cookbook, paperback
It’s history. It’s cooking. It’s both all wrapped up into one fun book! Learn that a pound of good butter could cost as much as a nice dress. Make the ginger water Laura brought to Pa in the field and the vanity cakes Ma made for Laura’s birthday party. Price when sold separately: $9.95

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The Prairie Primer

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Paperback, Download – PDF

Historical Time Table

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Laura Ingalls Wilder Country

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The Little House Cookbook

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2 reviews for The Prairie Pack A

  1. Cadroncreek

    The Legacy of Home
    03/05/2011 – by Mrs. White from Vermont

    This large paperback book contains more than 330 pages. It is a “literature based unit study.” [You will need a set of “Little House on the Prairie” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, sold separately.] This program can be used as the main foundation of your curriculum, since it includes ideas and plans for most subjects (other than math), or it can be used to supplement your current educational plans. The study is rich in 1800’s history. For more go to

  2. Cadroncreek

    Christian School and Public School Use
    01/15/2010 – by Denise Castle from Marion, Ohio

    I have used the Prairie Primer, Cookbook and Laura Ingalls Wilder Country in my classrooms with other Laura Ingalls related materials as well, since the mid 1990’s. My students in the Christian School absolutely loved our unit of study and now that I have been teaching in public schools for quite a few years as well, I can tell you that these students love it too! These resources have been most helpful to me. The Cookbook and pictures in the Laura Ingalls Wilder Country book have helped to make our unit come alive. I highly recommend all of these. The comprehension questions for each book have been very time saving and helpful to me as a teacher. The ideas for integration are great as well. I have taught for 30 years now (20 in Christian schools, and 10 in public schools) and this is my favorite unit by far, largerly due to these great resources.

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