The Green Gables Letters


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A companion to Cadron Creek’s Where the Brook and River Meet

The Green Gables Letters
Edited by Wilfrid Eggleston

These letters to Ephraim Weber span the period during which L. M. Montgomery conceived, plotted, wrote, edited, and sold her first and most famous book, Anne of Green Gables.

Initially I included quotes from the Letters in Where the Brook and River Meet,because I thought they were important for showing the discipline L. M. Montgomery put into writing, her struggle to have a writing career, and her world views. Among other things, they help the reader see her point of view and understand her irony. However, the heirs of Montgomery refused permission for quotes. Rather than scrap all the activities relating to The Letters, I included it as a reference for this study.

Additionally, these letters are important for understanding my analysis of Montgomery’s world view, especially since I take issue with her views on reincarnation and the Blood of Christ. Through Scripture, I show the fallacy in her thinking on reincarnation and juxtapose her position on the Blood of Christ with the Apostle Paul’s. This study is intended for older students who are ready to learn to recognize and refute fallacy. With The Letters, students can examine and compare my views to those of Montgomery.

”She had many visitors and not a day passed without one or more of the schoolgirls dropping by to bring her flowers and books and tell her all the happenings in the juvenile world of Avonlea.”
—Anne of Green Gables

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