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Experience the world of Little House on the Prairie
with Cadron Creek’s award-winning Prairie Primer!

By Margie Gray

The Prairie Primer
By Margie Gray

Based on the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Prairie Primer opens a door to the 1800’s world of the homesteader on the American frontier.

Discover that Pa and Caroline were married in the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Understand why men moved their families to the frontier. Learn how common diseases of the day had life-changing effects on even the isolated homes of the prairie. See how the U.S. government’s Indian policies affected homesteaders.

Based on the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Prairie Primer opens a door to the 1800’s world of the homesteader on the American frontier. Discover that Pa and Caroline were married in the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Understand why men moved their families to the frontier.

This award-winning curriculum has been utilized by government, private, and home schools for both regular academic programs and as a summer supplemental course. Although developed for students in grades 3–6, it has been used successfully with younger as well as older students.

In addition to literature and history, The Primercovers social studies, geography, writing, science, health, nutrition, Bible, character building, and life application.

The wide variety of subjects and activities allows the instructor to tailor the study to the age, ability, and interest appropriate for your child.


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2 reviews for The Prairie Primer

  1. Cadroncreek (verified owner)

    Dear Margie,

    My name is Karen & I live in NC. I just turned 50 this year. Our boys are 30, 29, 23, 8 & 8. The two 8 year olds were adopted from Tajikistan a few years ago. We homeschooled our 23 year old all the way through. As a homeschooling mom yourself, you probably know that when we started we had 2 choices of curriculum: Bob Jones & ABeka. We chose BJU & used it about 3 years. Then as more came available, we started branching out here & there. When David reached the 6th grade I ran across your curriculum at our state convention. I fell in love with it immediately & we did that the upcoming year. After that we used Sonlight until he graduated. I always resell my used books, but David never would let me resell the Prairie Primer. He said he wanted to keep it to use for his children! We LOVED that year & David said it was his favorite of all the years we had. David was homeschooled K – 12. He went on to graduate from college & now is a missionary in S. Dakota, preaching on an Indian reservation. Our little girls were visiting him recently & read one of the Little House books while up there & were supposed to visit the Ingalls farm in De Smet but ran out of time. David married a missionary girl that has lived up there several years, originally from Georgia. They are now expecting their first child. I’m planning on using the Prairie Primer with our girls next year. The little book they just read was Animal Adventures & they LOVED it! They can’t wait to read the boxed set. Hopefully when their baby is born we will be able to go visit them & get to De Smet during that time.

    I have your first, spiral bound one & loved the spiral binding!!! I noticed at the convention this year that you’ve redone it. Is it just the look of the book that is different or the writings & assignments? I remember some of the books you had listed were hard to find. Perhaps you’ve changed some of them. I just wanted to know if it’s the same or close to the same as the one I have. If so, I’ll just use the one I’m saving for David & Sarai’s baby boy. If there’s a lot of changes, I may want to buy the newer one.

    Thanks so much for writing this curriculum! Everyone I know that has ever used it has praised it like I do.

  2. Kristi Corbin

    This was a great curriculum for my sixth grader who had been educated in traditional school. She was very interested in this, and it got her interested in learning again when she gotten to the point that she hated school. We learned about so many topics together!

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