Genesis: Finding Our Roots

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A companion to Cadron Creek’s Further Up and Further In

Genesis: Finding Our Roots
By Dr. Ruth Beechick

Genesis is more than “in the beginning” — it is the starting point of sound Christian thinking. Have we been brainwashed about our roots? This thought provoking book presents evidence that the writings in Genesis are more ancient than most modern historians will admit. Through both literature and art, it reveals startling insights about giants, dragons, cherubim, and other beings. Ancient peoples such as Adam and Moses recognized these beings that are now lost in myth as real.

Genesis: Finding Our Roots gives true answers to age-old questions of God, man, and the world. By delving into the truth of Genesis, Beechick helps students develop a sound and defensible biblical world view. This stimulating resource has six study units based on the book of Genesis, additional resource listings, and suggested activities. It also includes maps, charts, a timeline, and full color reproductions of ancient art.

Genesis, Finding Our Roots is an excellent study source and reference which will help students grow into strong, thinking Christian men and women.

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1 review for Genesis: Finding Our Roots

  1. Cadroncreek

    02/17/2005 – by Amy from Florida

    This book is incredible! I purchased the FUFI book set for my four children and plan on starting this study in about a month. I began flipping through “Finding our Roots” by Ruth Beechick yesterday and have not been able to put it down. I will be using it as my personal devotion for a while. It is so full of exciting facts regarding the story of creation, tower of bable, the flood and much more, the illustrations are beautifully captivating, I know my children will enjoy this book, It answers many of the detailed questions my children have asked me over the years that I simply could not answer. A must read for every family seeking to instill A Christian worldview into their children. This one will be a part of my permanent library for sure!

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