Anne’s Anthology


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Anne’s Anthology

A companion to Cadron Creek’s Where the Brook and River Meet

An important resource!

Anne’s Anthology
Compiled by Margie Gray
Illustrated by Patty Ann Martirosian

Anne’s Anthology is a compilation of many of the pieces — primarily poetry — Lucy Montgomery mentioned in Anne of Green Gables. They were pieces Anne loved and ones with which the girls in Lucy Montgomery’s audience were very familiar. However, many have been lost in obscurity and the allusions are no longer understood. Now these hard-to-find works are collected for your reference and enjoyment in the almost 700 pages of Anne’s Anthology.

Most of the poems are given in full-text with notes. Portions of longer works are also included. Like a patchwork quilt made from scraps of loved clothing, Anne’s Anthology exposes its readers to best-loved poems from a previous era.

This book will be used as a reference during the study of Where the Brook and River Meet.

“Don’t you just love poetry that gives you a crinkly feeling
up and down your back?”
—Anne, Anne of Green Gables, Chapter V

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