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Cadron Creek’s products give students and instructors the tools to succeed!

Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum provides academic material to assist parents in training their children in godliness, while challenging students scholastically through literature unit studies.

If a person reads for amusement alone, it is of little consequence how he reads. He may read by the yard, ton, or acre, and the result will be the same – intellectual dwarfishness … Read systematically, closely, thoughtfully, analyzing every subject as you go along, and laying it up carefully and safely in your memory reading of a single book is better than the superficial reading of many.

– William Thayer Gaining Favor with God and Man

Each of Cadron Creek’s core literature-based study units make an outstanding foundation for a home school program, but many people find that even just using one subject such as the terrific Bible and character building aspects of the study are well worth the purchase price.

A literature-based unit study increases reading comprehension unlike any other type of study. It goes further than just teaching the child new vocabulary words. It places events into historical perspective, engrains character, improves understanding of a different culture, and enhances the understanding of natural sciences. As the child does the activities the allusions and inferences are readily understood. A literature-based unit study encourages more in-depth understanding as well as leading to more in-depth future reading of other books.

A literature-based unit study increases a child’s retention because the interest level is heightened. Retention is also improved because historical events are tied together. They can be filed in one box in the memory. Therefore, as they study the Civil War, they can link it to the study of the Ingalls family. Pa and Caroline were married the year the War between the States began and Mary was born the year it ended. Otherwise people tend to file unrelated facts under “miscellaneous,” and how many people can readily retrieve from the miscellaneous file.

A literature based unit study utilizes all learning modalities which increases comprehension. My daughter wondered what lard was. I explained that it looked like Crisco, but was made from animal fat. Yet, it was not until I bought lard to make vanity cakes did she understand what lard was.

You will need to supplement math, spelling and grammar for all Cadron Creek products.

For those using Where the Brook and River Meet, you may want to supplement with science and latin, as well, since these are not covered in the study.

Some families with older students using Further Up and Further In may want to supplement with either a physical science or geography.

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Planning Guides

A planning guide at the beginning of each weekly study lists all of the information and items needed to assist you in completing the lesson for that week. Suggested field trips, videos, reference sources, Bible study and hands-on materials are formed in this useful guide.

Assignment Tables

Where the Brook and River Meet is enhanced by weekly Assignment Tables which give detailed lesson plans.

Study Guides

The Study Guide corresponds to the assigned portion of the book on which the study is based. This Guide is divided into reading comprehension questions, vocabulary, and activities. The activities explore a variety of subjects related to the text.

Topics Covered

The topic summary provides an overview of topics presented in each subject area. In addition to providing a record of topics covered, it serves as an index to locating activities.

Typical topics covered include Bible, literature, writing, history, social studies and geography, health, life application, fine arts, crafts, homemaking skills and varying degrees of science. The assignments are broken into steps to be completed.

Where the Brook and River Meet and Further Up and Further In also use icons to show what skills the task requires. For example, time to be spent reading, writing, researching, discussing, memorizing, drawing, or constructing.

Background Information

Each of the studies has background information given for the student and/or instructor. This may include difficult-to-find information, documents, shorter suggested reading selections, factual details and historical overviews. This feature ensures at least a minimum exposure to important topics.


These may be copied for in-home use with your family. They are helpful for reinforcing and evaluating your student’s comprehension.

Activity Index

These may be copied for in-home use with your family. They are helpful for reinforcing and evaluating your student’s comprehension.

Answer Appendix

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