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Some questions people have asked:

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How much time does The Primer take daily?

A: >

Great question, and thanks for writing! This is very individual and depends on the number of activities chosen. The range was one to four hours per day. The average was about two hours. Most teachers spent about half the time the student spent in doing The Primer.

Q: >

My daughter is ten years old and loves Anne of Green Gables. Would Where the Brook and River Meet work for us?

A: >

That is a very good question; Anne of Green Gables is a popular title for a wide range of readers. Where the Brook and River Meet is intended for junior high and high school students, however. The mean age for students using WBRM is 15.5 years old. Although a ten-year-old can understand the plot of Anne of Green Gables he or she is probably not ready for the critical thinking this study offers. Read Anne with your young student often, and look to Where the Brook and River Meet in a few more years!

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