CD – The Arkansas Traveler: Music from Little House on the Prairie


Includes these familiar and popular tunes. Samples no longer available.

* The Battle Cry of Freedom(John Cowan)

* Old Dan Tucker (Elizabeth Cook)

* The Gum Tree Canoe (Buddy Greene)

* Money Musk (Pa’s Fiddle Band)

* Green Grows the Laurel (Deborah Packard/John Mock)

* Daisy Deane (Mike Eldred/Nashville Mandolin Ensemble)

* Irish Washerwoman (Pa’s Fiddle Band)

* Roll on Silver Moon (Judith Edelman/Blair String Quartet)

* The Blue Juniata (Riders in the Sky)

* Dixie’s Land (Bob Carlin)

* Happy Land (Peggy Duncan SIngers)

* The Monkey’s Wedding (Mac Wiseman)

* The Devil’s Dream (Butch Baldassari/David Schnaufer)

* Oh! California [Oh! Susanna] (Andrea Zonn/Alison Brown)

* The Gypsy King (Jeff Black)

* Bye Baby Bunting (Deborah Packard)

* The Arkansas Traveler (Riders in the Sky)

* BONUS: “…in the pot” Fantasy on “Pease Porridge Hot”
(Stan Link)

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This is the second installment of the projected 10 CD series which brings to life the songs from the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The Arkansas Traveler:
Music from Little House on the Prairie

Produced by Butch Baldassari and Dale Cockrell

Eighteen songs are woven into “Little House on the Prairie”, many of them among the greatest in 19th Century American music. This recording gives new voice and sound to the music from a classic book, music which has remained silent on the page for far too long.

To read the book and hear the music adds fresh, emotional depth to a familiar story, as Wilder herself wrote, “if you want the spirit of these times, you should [hear] these old songs.

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